Makoto Kern
1 min readJan 9, 2023

We would all like to do tasks more quickly.

Clients desire expedited delivery. Businesses prefer faster payment. People reading this post want me to make my argument more quickly…

With more speed, there are more risks, less attention to detail, and maybe even less responsibility to do the job right (quality).

Taking shortcuts is one approach to reaching a destination, while knowing the solution is another.

The first will lead you into greater trouble, while the second comes with experience and knowledge.

Understand, whomever you are, the price you pay when you merely want to get things done.

Communication between teams is crucial in product development, particularly when the pace quickens.

Developers will reason, “Hey, if I do it this way, it’s essentially the same, I’ll clear my backlog, and I won’t need to bother the designer.”

Designers, you cannot wireframe in isolation; the real world is fraught with constraints, especially time — and occasionally expertise.

Improve your efficiency the right way by talking to each other, breaking down silos, sticking to a good method, and not taking shortcuts. If you don't, the horse's rear end won't look as good as this.